Margot Subscriptions

Margot Subscriptions

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Purchase or gift a flower subscription: home flower bouquet deliveries each week, pre-paid and pre-scheduled, directly to your door, at the frequency you choose! and delivery is on us :)


The longer you subscribe with us, the more you save:

  • 1 month subscription: (4 weeks): 1,000 AED with free delivery
  • 6 months subscription (26 weeks): 6,000 instead of 6,500 AED: save 500 AED  with free delivery
  • 1 year subscription (52 weeks) : 12,000 AED instead of 13,000 AED: save 1000 AED  with free delivery

Flower bouquet choice:

The first bouquet is the Margot composition. We will be in touch to organize the choice of the following ones!

Postpone at anytime:

Going on holiday next month? Don’t worry, you can postpone upcoming deliveries in by contacting us on


We can deliver your bouquet with a vase and pick it up at the following delivery.


If you'd like a different type of subscription (1 bouquet per month or two bouquets per month for example) let us know on, we are flexible and will happily adapt to your requirements!