Michel Desjoyaux Rose
Michel Desjoyaux Rose

Michel Desjoyaux Rose

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Named after a famous french sailer, this rose tree has large flowers with pinky-orange shades and yellow reverse, very luminous. Its perfume is light and its foliage glossy green and bushy.

3 year old plant

5L container | within 7-8 weeks from February: 70cm plant with small blooms 

    How to care for your new rose plant:

    - Keep you rose bush in a big pot, so it can continue its development, and also so you can find its perfect spot in your garden: in the sun until temperature rise to more than 35 degrees, and then in the shade during the summer. You can change the spot again when temperatures drop. Once you have passed a year, and you have seen you rose bush behave, you can decide where to plant it for good!

    - Your rose bush is already in a nutriment full fertilized soil, please keep it in this soil if you change the pot

    - Observe your plant and its soil to water it: water it each time the soil dries up, the soil should always be a bit wet. The frequency of watering will vary during the year, in the summer, it can be up to 1 time per day

    - You should prune your rose bush after its first blooming season: you can prune each branch underneath its flower.

    It might not be bloomed yet upon delivery but stay patient! It will bloom very soon, in a couple of days/weeks!

    - colors may vary from the variety pictures we are showing you, and also keep in mind that screen settings may affect how you see colors.

    Enjoy this adventure!

    We are here to help every step of the way, and Claude: the french Rose Specialist, is only a phone call away, ready to help and give advice!