Christmas Decoration Inspiration!

Welcome to our magical festive floral selection! We have made sure to get you what you needed to be ready when reaching the end of the month.


The Christmas tree is a must, but as everyone knows, the entire house needs to be full of decorations! We've got you coverered there aswell. After placing your Christmas tree as a central element, you can accessorize it with other floral decorations: flower arrangements made of red berries, pine fruits and pine branches, swirling wood branches, mistletoe to name a few! Here are some inspiration pictures!

christmas art table inspiration dubaihalf wreath christmas dubai margotTable setting christmas margot flowers dubaichristsmas wreath dubai flowers workshop margot

Come and buy personalized Christmas arrangements, pick and choose the stems it will be composed with! Choose from our wreath, or make your own during our workshop sessions! Or another option is to go for our mini Christmas tree that you can personalize with us.

See you soon at Villa Margot!